Why do we play games? We play games because we enjoy them. Gaming relaxes us. But there are some genres of games that are more alluring than the others. Such as multiplayer games. They allow us to interact with others and build partnerships. We can compete with each other and not play against bots or AIs. Multiplayer games will enable us to bring along our friends to participate in friendly competitions. And Valve’s Steam has the biggest library of online games for multiplayer. And we have brought you here a list of the best multiplayer games on Steam.

15 Best Multiplayer Games

1. Rocket League

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Rocket League®, Image Credit: Psyonix LLC, steampowered

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Rocket League is a simple game, to begin with. In the beginning, you will find yourself on a giant football field. Here is the twist. You are not on foot but rather in a car. Your objective is to put a giant ball into the opposing team’s net using the vehicles. Sounds ridiculous, right? Rest assured, this game is even more ridiculous in real life. Entertaining, that is! 

Psyonix brought out the Rocket League in 2015. And they have followed up with lots of entertaining updates. These updates include shiny arenas, exciting game modes, etc. The skill level required is relatively low. Although, if anyone wants to rank up on the higher levels, there is a specific skill gap, they would have to surpass. You can have 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches. You may want to practice against bots to improve your playstyle. Psyonix has provided that option as well. You can party up with other players to play any match. The Rocket League community is very welcoming to new players. But, if you are faced with any players, you have the option to ignore them altogether. 

The gameplay might be a little challenging at the beginning. That is because of the camera manipulation of the cars. But if you give it some time, this game can become one of your best sources of entertainment! 

2. Don’t Starve Together

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Don’t Starve Together, Image Credit: Klei Entertainment, steampowered

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The essence of a survival game is the relentlessness of it. In a real-life situation, there would be no tutorial, no hand-holding. You would be tossed into the dark world to make it on your own. And that is the experience this game would give you. Klei Entertainment has brought you ‘Don’t Starve Together’ in 2016. You cannot follow the camping method in this game. This game keeps you on the move. And you will be penalized with death if you do not. 

Klei Entertainment has introduced a unique Tim Burton-esque art in Don’t Starve Together. It puts you in a 3D world with 2D characters. If you wanted to describe the game’s world, you could say it is like a children’s book gone wrong. But that is not where it ends. Klei has paired these beautiful aesthetics with creepy ragtime-jazz style music. The bleak and dark nature of this world gives the user a 1900s feel. 

This game has no tutorials. So, it would be complicated for beginners to survive in the game. You will have to learn where to set up camp and look for food throughout a few deaths. But if you are looking for an end to the dangers, there is none. Don’t Starve Together is a survival game. It is one of the best multiplayer games on Steam as well. So, unless you are a fan of sticking around, this game is not for you. You can find the game on the store for only USD 19.99. 

3. Factorio

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Factorio, Image Credit: Wube Software LTD., steampowered

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Are you interested in management simulators? Then Factorio is the game for you. Wube Software brought out the best management simulator in 2016. Factorio starts with the classic explosion. The player will find himself or herself on a remote alien planet. How did you find yourself there? You crash-landed your spaceship, of course! And the only way you can get yourself back to your world is if you can build yourself another spacecraft. And luckily, you can turn every piece of scrap into necessary equipment. 

Sounds easy, right? Here comes the catch. It is not the rocket you will need to build. No Sir! You have to develop every piece of equipment that you will need. So, if you try to make every piece of equipment by hand, you will forever be stuck. What you will want to do is create automated processes that do those small works for you. But that’s only the surface of the game. You will have to fave another significant aspect of the game. That is combat. You will have to defend your factory from the ever-spawning alien bugs. 

Overall, this is an exciting game. But if you are still not convinced, Steam offers you a demo-play to get to know the game. And if you want to enjoy the full game, you can buy it in the Steam store for only USD 10.

4. Terraria

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Terraria, Image Credit: Re-Logic, steampowered

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There are not many citizens in the world of multiplayer games that are not familiar with Minecraft. Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would look like if it were in 3D? Re-logic has gifted us with Terraria to give us a test of the survival world in 2D.

Terraria starts with giving you a character that you can personalize. After you are done, you will find yourself in the colorful world of Terraria. You start your journey in the world of generated pixels. And you have nothing more than a few tools. Your objective is to build staff and use them to defend yourself while you explore the unforgiving terrain. While this game does not have a clear guideline, you can get familiar with the setting quite.

Terraria does not pit you against scripted bosses. You will not find any dirge of story exposition lying in wait. The unique feature that Terraria offers is the village development aspect. You have to build your base from the ground up to add more functions. And you need to do so to advance your world. So, come on down to STeam and buy yourself a copy of the game for only USD 9.99. Or, if you want to bring your friends along, Steam offers your four copies of the game for USD 29.99.

5. Gang Beasts

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Gang Beasts, Image Credit: Boneloaf, Coatsink, steampowered

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How would you feel if you got onto a game and beat a high-leveled player to the ground? You would feel wonderful, right? Nothing can beat that adrenaline surge that you get from such a situation. Boneloaf has brought us the opportunity to experience such waves. But be warned though, the table could be turned on you too!

Gang Beasts puts a group of wobbly contenders in a ring. And your ability to control these flimsy characters would be one of the worst things you ever see. It is going to take you some time to get used to the controls. If you can manage to stay within the map in the first few rounds, you will be victorious. But over time, you will learn the ins-and-outs of the game. But this is not a game you want to be serious about. This is the game which you and your friends play to relax. There are no ultimate combos, no surefire attacks that anyone can use to ruin anyone’s plans. The best you can do is hope you land a blow that knocks your opponent to the ground so that you can pick them up and throw them off the arena.

If you are looking for a game where you want to fool around with your friends, this is the game for you. This game is available on Steam. You can buy it for USD 19.99, and it is worth every penny of it.

6. Portal 2

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Portal 2, Image Credit: Valve, steampowered

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Valve has improved on the original physics-based first-person gameplay of Portal in the sequel. Portal 2 starts from the Aperture Scientific Laboratory. And till the end of the game, Portal 2 keeps unwavering gameplay. The consistency in gameplay is why Portal 2 is one of the best multiplayer games on Steam. Valve has achieved things with Portal 2 that were thought to be impossible. Portal 2 has a thicker story, a bigger world, and, most, a more surprising character development. They have even upgraded on the humor of the original game. Whenever you are not trying to rip your hair out trying to solve a puzzle, you are most likely to be laughing.

Valve has introduced a wide range of environments in the game. It starts with claustrophobic test chambers and ends with yawning basement chasms. However, the graphics are nothing to be admired. But it is fascinating how far Valve has come with a technology that used to be used back in 2004. You will spend most of your time trying to solve puzzles of spatial reasoning. While Valve has still kept the famous portal gun, they have offered the players a whole array of gameplay toys. And unless you have a quick reflex and a clear head, you cannot beat this game. You can buy this game from the Steam store for USD 3.99. While this game has a story mode, it is also an online game for multiplayer.

7. Team Fortress 2

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Team Fortress 2, Image Credit: Valve, steampowered

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Do you know how to tell if a game is good? When it has been over a decade since the game has been published. And yet the game manages to be one of the most played games in one of the biggest gaming stores. Yes, we are talking about Valve’s first-person shooting game, Team Fortress 2. An eternity has passed in the world of online multiplayer games since its release. But even now, Team Fortress 2 has managed to stay relevant with its basic gameplay.

This free-to-play game has options for in-app purchases. But Valve has still kept some ways that you can get items free of cost. While this game is an online game for multiple players, you can obtain items from achievements. You can also get these items through random drops. And you have to build your team with the nine available types of characters. All the classes have a well-defined role. And the chemistry between your team is a significant factor in achieving victory. With its quick but accessible gameplay, Team Fortress 2 is a delightful game. There are various game modes and respawning systems that can entice any gamer.

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8. Age of Empire 2: Definitive Edition

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Image Credit: Forgotten Empires, Tantalus Media, Wicked Witch, steampowered

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Xbox Game Studios has brought out the Age of Empires 2 again, a new and improved version. Emphasis on the improved part rather than the original part. The developers have improved everything. The definitive edition features an improved AI and includes new campaigns and civilizations. Even the art is nothing to scoff at. But they have restrained their urge to change the original game’s concept, keeping the essence intact.

The definitive edition features the essence of the original game that made the game stand out. And developers were able to mesh the civilization and city building much more in the second round. The reworked AI will put you up against far advanced challenges without cheating. But you will also need a PC with a considerable amount of power to run the remastered game. This game is available in the online gaming store Steam for only USD 19.99.

9. Europa Universalis IV

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Europa Universalis IV, Image Credit: Paradox Development Studio, steampowered

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Paradox Development Studio brought out Europa Universalis IV in 2013. With it, they have also brought out the option to enjoy alternate histories. You can do so without letting any contradictions and other annoyances get in the way. The timeline is set from the Renaissance era to the age of enlightenment. And you can take control of any significant nations in the world. 

What makes Europa IV stand out from any sandbox-style strategy games is the acute focus on being historical. Every move you make can turn into something bigger, and EU4 can depict those outcomes very clearly. This is not something you expect from a civilization game as the scope is too broad. And its focus on alternate histories is what allures players. So, come on down to Steam to know your desired alternate history for only USD 12.99!

10. DOOM

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: DOOM, Image Credit: id Software, steampowered

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If you want to describe DOOM simply, it would be something like this. It is a mind-numbing series of endless fights to the death with a never-ending group of demons. The game’s plot features one of the most foolish ideas of all time. It starts with the ridiculous plan of Union Aerospace Corporation to rob hell of its energy resources! And needless to say, all hell breaks loose on them. You will have to play the role of the doom guy. This a person that kills everything that moves with his trusty shotgun and limited ammo.

This is a kill-to-survive type of game. Your health does not regenerate. The only way you can heal up is to kill enemies and use the health packs they drop. And your only trusted companion is your shotgun and the shells. The game offers a lot of graphics options coupled with Satanic tracks. And it stays true to the original gameplay. This state-of-the-art game is available on Steam. It will only cost you USD 19.99 to have the best FPS experience ever!

11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Image Credit: Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment, steampowered

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How do you explain a game with one of the most unwelcoming communities getting new players every day? Can a game be that good? Valve’s CS GO is that good. With the most prominent player base among the online multiplayer games, CS GO remains to this day a benchmark.

CS GO still holds a vital role in the industry of multiplayer online gaming. It is also considered one of the best multiplayer games on Steam. That is mainly due to its colossal esports following. This Counter-Strike sequel will give you the feeling of running into an old friend at a marketplace. The team-based CS GO demands you to learn to adapt to its unique style. And if you are not willing to adapt, this skill-based game is not for you. This top-tiered shooting game is available on Steam, and it is free to play. And you can also purchase the premium package for only USD 14.99.

12. SpeedRunners

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: SpeedRunners, Image Credit: DoubleDutch Games, steampowered

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Every race has a finish line, right? Wrong! The ones on SpeedRunners do not. Instead, it features a shared screen among the players that focuses on the leader. And if the leading runner outruns you by so much that you fall off the screen, you are out. But what makes this game even more impressive is the platforming fundamentals.

Besides its implementation of physics in various activities, there are other alluring aspects of this game. You will race with the other runners while collecting different power-ups, such as missiles, barrels to slow your opponents down, grappling hooks to drag your opponents back. SpeedRunners is what Mario would be like if Mario grew legs. The developers have constructed every level well. And you can pick it up anytime and play and enjoy this game. There is a demo mode available on Steam for free, and you can purchase it for USD 14.99.

13. Left 4 Dead 2

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Left 4 Dead 2, Image Credit: valve, steampowered

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If you are looking for a game where you can group up with friends and shoot stuff, this is the game for you. Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 forces you to have efficient teamwork. That is if you want to win. You will participate in a zombie hunt as a member of a four-person team. And you need to rely on each other to survive. Each member needs to participate just to survive in this shooting game.

Just like its predecessor, Left 4 Dead 2 offers various difficulty levels. But whatever the difficulty level, the stages do not play out in similar ways. That is because of Valve’s integrated artificial intelligence. This AI is known as the Director. The Director throws different challenges at you and your friends to measure you up. If you pass a stage with flying colors, the following stages are sure to be increasingly difficult. So, if you are in a mood to shoot some zombies with your friends, you can buy this game from the Steam store for only USD 5.49.

14. DOTA 2

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Defense of The Ancients 2, Image Credit: Valve, steampowered

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DOTA 2 is not your typical MOBA game. It has set itself apart from most of the games in the genre with its purism. With the second biggest player base in the Steam store, DOTA 2 remains a benchmark for strategy games since its release in 2013. 

With a mountainous learning curve, DOTA 2 can be intimidating. But if you persist, this game can offer you one of the best online gaming experiences. Do know this, even the ranker’s had to start somewhere. Between getting screamed at for not buying control wards and landing skill shots, you will slowly learn this game’s functions. You will gradually begin to climb the mountainous skill gap and get hooked on this game. And Valve is offering DOTA 2 free of cost in Valve’s Steam store. 

15. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam
Game: Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI, Image Credit: Firaxis Games, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux), steampowered

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If you are debating over which is the ultimate digital board game, stop. Because 2K has brought you the answer in the name of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, improving the original 4X strategy gameplay, Civ VI features many improvements gaining a bold, new look. This game features cartography-style art and incredible soundtracks. Another one of the main features is the new city-building system. Civ VI has a city-building system that can even put the old system into shame.

Its land grabbing phase is based on an empire-wide happiness level system. Your subjects’ happiness depends on luxury resources. So, you can focus on the rapid expansion of your empire without facing any significant difficulties. So, buy this game from the Steam store for USD 44.99 and build your empire.


We enjoy games, and we want our friends’ company. The Steam store has put the two together through online games with multiplayer. But you can enjoy these games on your own as well. However, it is a little challenging to choose from this massive plethora of choices.  So, we hope that our concise description of Steam’s best multiplayer games will significantly help you.

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