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Does My iPhone X Need a Screen Protector?

Got a brand-new iPhone X? If yes then the first thing that may come to your mind is how to protect your phone. As it is quite expensive to repair an iPhone. So, after spending a large amount of money while purchasing the phone itself, you may not want to get it damaged.

Nowadays people use different types of gadgets to protect their phones. Believe it or not, the display of your phone describes its looks. It is the most expensive and sensitive part of any smartphone. That’s why a nice and clean screen matters a lot.

So today we are going to discuss whether you need a glass screen protector on your phone or not. You have heard about glass protectors, right?

More about if your iPhone requires a protector or not, and why is the protector needed:

iPhone X is the first iPhone with an OLED display. It is a revolutionary technology for enhancing your viewing experience. OLED displays are thinner than IPS LCD and flexible. First, you should take a look at the display specs of your iPhone X.

iPhone X built-in display

Size: 5.8 inches, 84.4 cm2 (~82.9% screen-to-body ratio)

Type: Super Retina OLED, HDR10, Dolby Vision, 625 nits (typ)

Resolution: 1125 x 2436 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~458 pixel per inch density)

Protection: Scratch-resistant glass, Oleophobic coating.

Other features: 3D Touch, Wide color gamut, True-tone

As you can see there are a few protective features included in your display. Apple claims that the glass is scratch-resistant and we trust them. But we have seen that many scratch-resistant glasses get scratched by everyday usage. So, it seems like putting an extra layer of glass can help.

Oleophobic coating is a very special feature that comes with all modern iPhones. It helps to prevent unnecessary fingerprints on your display. That’s why your iPhone X remains clean after so many touches. So, you can say Apple cared a lot and included all useful materials to protect your phone.

If you are about to make a decision then you should wait and gather more information about screen protectors. There are some advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry, we’ll take you there within a few moments. First, let us introduce different types of glass protectors.

Types of compatible glass protectors with your iPhone X

Gadget experts designed different kinds of glass protectors according to the user’s demands. All of them are mainly focused on saving your smartphone’s main glass from scratches. Some of them also claim that their product provides protection from cracking. We have included different types of screen protectors and their specialties below.

1. Tempered Glass Protector (Anti-reflective, Clear display, Decent light transmittance)

2. Matte Glass protector (No glare, good light transmittance, Anti-reflective, Cloudy)

3. Polyethylene (PET) Terephthalate Screen Shield (Clear display, Less impact protection)

4. Privacy Glass (Good clarity, Private viewing angle)

5. Hydrogel (Reflective, Best clarity, Flexible)

6. Matte Hydrogel (Anti-reflective, no glare, good clarity, Decent light transmittance, Rubbery)

7. Liquid Glass Screen Protector (liquid nanotech, Self-healing, Floats over main glass)

8. Ceramic (Reflective, glaring, best clarity and light transmittance)

9. TPU Plastic Glass (Flexible, Rubbery, Self-healing, better impact protection)

10. Mirror Glass (Very reflective, Low light transmittance, Unclear)

These are the best glass protectors you will find in the market currently. Now let’s talk about are they really necessary for protecting your iPhone X. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of glass screen protectors.


There are some rumors that the display of the iPhone X scratches more easily than the previous iPhone 8. Experts measure the hardness level of a glass protector from 1H to 10H. The more H means more hard. Normally the glass protectors you will find in the market are around 6H to 7H.

That means they are providing decent protection. Sometimes people claim that their phone’s display has survived a bad drop because it had a glass protector. Yes, it really works. Your glass protector will shatter itself and save your display.

Now let’s talk about scratches. You may think that the built-in scratch protection and oleophobic coating will save your phone from all kinds of scratches. But there is a little more you should know. Where sharp blades cannot scratch your glass, some dust particles can do this easily.

You may save your phone from sharp objects but not from dust. There are chances to appear a scratch on your screen out of nowhere. Such minor scratches on your original display can embarrass you. So, it will be a smart idea to cover up your display with a glass protector.

Remember that you can change a scratched/broken glass protector easily but changing a full display setup will cost a large amount.


First, think about why you brought the iPhone X out of so many phones. Well, it is special. It looks awesome. So, you do not want to mess with the premium build and design of your iPhone X. Apple is a trusted brand and they must have tested this phone in every possible way

That’s why your phone is tough enough to survive minor impacts. When premium design and looks are your main priority, you have to avoid glass protectors. There are some other good reasons. Glass protectors are known for damaging the oleophobic layer of your phone.

This usually happens when you try to remove them. It is also said that this type of external glasses decreases touch efficiency. As there are many clones and low-quality products available in the market, you have to be extremely careful while purchasing a glass protector.

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There is a large group of people who buy a phone and the next thing they look for is a good screen protector. Well, you’ll find another group who hates all these glass protectors and case things. They all have different opinions. So, I think it is fully your personal choice.

In case you are a heavy user and want to protect your phone from rough surfaces then you should go for a good glass protector. But if you do not want to sacrifice the stunning looks of your phone then you should not cover it up with a bulky glass.

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