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5 Free Driver Update Software In 2022

A driver update software can give your system a significant performance boost. Because they continuously update hardware drivers. As a result, your Windows system becomes more updated and more capable as well.

Most windows systems become slow after a few months of usage. It is the single most compliant against Microsofts Windows systems. One of the main reasons behind this problem is the lack of driver updates. But what are the drivers? 

Drivers are software interfaces that connect hardware components with the operating system or other necessary programs. Drivers play a significant role in the efficiency of a system. Moreover, drivers optimize your PC’s performance too. So, why does it make a PC slow or need to upgrade? 

Most modern operating systems and programs are updated constantly. These updates increase security, fix BUGs, and overall optimize performance. But the problem is drivers are not updated automatically like operating systems and Softwares. You have to manually update these drivers. But most of us forget to do it. Moreover, windows operating systems has a flaw of not updating the drivers. Microsoft sometimes gives updates or codes. But most of them are not recent versions.  

As a result, drivers stay not updated and could not use the full capability of a hardware component. These drivers also can’t collaborate with updated software and OS also, which ends up making your PC slow. But what is the solution? 

The solution is very simple. A good diver update software can solve this problem in no time. Moreover, I will talk about some of the best free driver update software in this article. So, stay tuned. 

5 Best Driver Update Software

The work of driver update software is to find out drivers that need to be updated and bulk update them. On the basis of this, we have made a list of the best free driver update software. As most free software has security issues.  So, we have considered the most secure and safe free driver update software for you. 

1. Driver Booster 6

Driver Booster 6 is the best free driver update software. It has some of the most outstanding features a driver update software can have. Let’s have a look at its features. 

– No limits on driver updates and downloads. 

– It automatically creates a restore file of the previous driver. 

– Makes a schedule a search for outdated drivers regularly. 

– Downloads the drivers from the program itself. 

– Works with all windows versions. 

Ain’t they amazing? It makes your driver update process so easy. It’s automation searching feature makes it easier to use. So, you never need to download a driver manually again. Driver Booster also gives the option to choose whether you want to update the new version or not. It also shows a comparison of the previous and new versions to make the decision easier.

Driver Booster, the restoration process also makes the process more secure. So, you never have to worry about losing essential hardware data again. Moreover, it gives you the option of running the updating process in the background! As a result, you don’t need to deal with so many updating tabs. 

Currently, Driver Booster 8 is running. But it is suggested to use the previous version. Because the new version limited some of its amazing features, you can only update two drivers on one day in the latest version. But the older version is fine. It has some minor issues like it always needs internet connections to run. Another big issue is Driver Booster tries to install another third-party software while installing. But if you are careful, it won’t matter much. 

There is a paid version of the driver booster too. You don’t need the paid version for personal use. But if you run an organization or if you want to use it for commercial purposes, please use the paid version.

2. Driver Talent 

If you are looking for a minimalistic driver update software, then Driver Talent is the best. Because it is easy to use, does its job perfectly, and goes easy on your ram. Some of its amazing features are. 

– It has a small size. So, it’s installed quickly and goes easy on your RAM. 

– It is super easy to use. 

– Drivers are downloaded and updated from inside the software. 

– It automatically backs up every driver’s data and solves any issue of a driver. 

– It supports Windows 7,8 and 10. 

– It has an offline version too. 

Driver talent is simple, yet an intelligent driver update software. It does not only check for the outdated drivers on your system. But looks for the corrupted drivers too. It solves the problems of the drivers and backs up its data. 

Driver Talent does not require any commands. Just install it, and Driver Talent will work automatically in the background. But it has some flaws too. It does not give you the ability to schedule driver update in the free version. It also does not do bulk updates, and it shows so many features that are not free. 

Other than that, Driver Talent is one of the best driver update software available. You don’t need to acquire the PRO version for personal use. 

3. DriverPack Solution

DriverPack is one of the fastest and most efficient Driver update software. It offers an optimized interface for better performance. Let’s have a look at some of its alluring features.

– DriverPack lets you install drivers when offline. 

– It has a special “Regular Mode” for new users. 

– It has a faster server. So, downloads happen pretty quickly. 

– All of its works are done in the background without any user input. 

– It works with all the Windows versions. 

The DriverPack solution is effective, fast, and automatic. What more do you need? 

DriverPack has an easy and effective user interface. So, you never have to use so many tabs for driver installation. Moreover, It has two special modes. One is “Regular Mode,”  and the other one is “Expert Mode”. Regular mode is for new users, and the expert mode lets you choose which drivers you want to update. 

DriverPack has a fast download server too. This lets your device download faster than any other driver update software. And all of these happens without you even noticing. Isn’t it incredible? 

Well, it is. But like all other Softwares, it has a few downsides too. It does not allow you to schedule a driver update routine. Drivers can’t be hidden in the software too. 

4. Snappy Driver Installer

If you are looking for a limitless but compact driver update software, then Snappy Driver Installer is for you. It has all the basic features a driver update software should have, and it works like magic. Some of its features are 

– It’s free, open-source software or freeware. 

– It supports offline installations. 

– Supports bulk downloads and updates.

– Snappy Driver Installer does not limit download speed or the number of updates. 

– It does not show any ADs. 

– Snappy Driver Installer runs on any windows version. 

Ain’t they magnificent? Moreover, Snappy Driver Installer has no paid versions. So, stop worrying about accidentally purchasing it.

Snappy Driver Installer gives you complete access to your driver update process. It is fast and automatic. It also lets your device download drivers when needed and goes offline after that. As a result, it does not consume a lot of RAM and power. So, it’s efficient too.

But Snappy Driver Installer is old software. So, its interface is pretty hard to use. It also does not let you schedule a scan time. Other than that, it is amusing and safe to use.

5. DriverHub

If you want a complete package, then DriverHub is for you. It is simple to use, fast and lets you do anything you want. Its features are

– It supports bulk downloading and installation.

– After the installation everything is automatic.

– It lets you schedule a specific scan time.

– It has two special modes.

– It supports Windows 7, 8, and 10.

DriverHub is a fantastic software to use. Its user-friendly interface is easy to use and understand. It works automatically. But it has a special mode which allows users to choose anything they want. It has a simple or regular mode too.

DriverHub also allows a user to stop the automatic updates and change the download folder. Moreover, DriverHub also offers a variety of useful software like Disk Management, Task Manager, power supply settings, and many more. Like DriverHub, they are also safe and comfortable to use.

The only problem DriverHub has is it asks you to install another program.

These are some of the most useful free driver update software. Updating drivers are really necessary for your PC’s optimal performance. Just always be careful and download this software only from trusted sources. Otherwise, you may face security risks.


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