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Google Software Reporter Tool – Keep Safe Form Third Party

What is Software Reporter Tool?

If you have an interest in operating a computer, then you are familiar with the Google software reporter tool. It’s a significant element of the Chrome Cleanup Tool. The primary reason for the software reporter tool is to play out a scanning weekly and share the output results with your computer. This assists chrome to kill the danger of introducing unwanted applications and clashing software programs. On the other side, it utilizes high CPU power which slows down your computer gradually. The tool isn’t associated with the web. It is utilized by the user to recognize related programs. 

Where is the Chrome software reporter tool located? 

It incorporates information about the user’s Chrome profile like program settings, bookmarks, passwords and other information. Among these different subtleties, the.exe record is told under the Software reporter tab in the chrome application information envelope. Fundamentally, this tool is the reserved record that is accessible in the chrome application information folder as Software_reporter_tool.exe.

Is the software reporter tool safe?

The tool is safe as Google Chrome browser introduced it. Many of us imagine that it’s a virus or something different. But this is not right as it’s a portion of the Google Chrome internet browser. No security programming identifies anything unsafe in Software Reporting Tool. 

The difference between various tools:

The Software Reporter Tool and Chrome Cleanup Tool are much alike. One finds unsafe applications that could keep chrome from performing its work. And another one deletes those applications to keep them from doing as such. It is a helpful approach to remove any unsafe programming. If your computer is having some issues, you can use the software removal tool to tackle that issue. 

For what reason should you disable the software reporter tool? 

Though the Google software reporter tool is very helpful, there are some concerns: 

  • Uses of high CPU power 
  • Slows down your computer gradually
  • Sometimes it fails to recognize unsafe programs
  • It sends the checked outcomes to Google, which causes security worries among the users.
  • From time to time, it shows a message that the tool stopped working 
  • Sometimes it removes the safety programs.

Disable or remove Google chrome software reporter tool:

software reporter tool

1. Usage of windows files permissions:

The solution is removing read/write permissions to the software reporter tool. Then, it will run with no interference.

These are the steps you have to follow: 

    • Follow the way C:\ Users\ USERNAME\ AppData\ Local\ Google\ Chrome\ UserData\ Software reporter\ VERSION\ software_reporter_tool.exe 
    • Then right-click on the executable record and select Properties 
    • Then you have to click on the security tab.
    • Click on the edit then. 
    • Select all the things on the list 
    • Then click ‘Remove’
    • If you can’t eliminate the permissions, select ‘Deny’ from the permissions list. Then, the reporter tool won’t run naturally.  

2. Disable the reporter tool by deleting its content: 

    • Open notepad and select ‘open’ 
    • Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Software reporter\VERSION\software_reporter_tool.exe 
    • Starting from the run menu, select all documents 
    • Select Software_reporter_tool.exe and then click ‘Open’ 
    • Press Ctrl + A to choose all the things and erase them 
    • Save the document 

3. Erase Google Software_Reporter_Tool.Exe:

    • You can erase the tool to save your CPU and make it run easily. But this fix is temporary as the executable document will return when you update the newer version of Google Chrome.
    • It won’t block any Google tasks. It will run further with no issues. Above all, you won’t lose any information. 

How to Block the Software_Reporter_Tool.exe:

Blocking the program may keep Google from keeping away from unsafe software. You can utilize other software like ‘antivirus programming’ for this purpose.

This offers a temporary remedy while you are removing the contents of the whole folder. Once the internet browser is refreshed, Google will send the reporter tool back to the system.

  1. First of all, right-click on the Software reporter.
  2. Then select “Properties” from the menu. 
  3. Go to the “Security” tab. 
  4. Then click on the ‘advance’ button on the page that opens. 
  5. Then select ‘Disable inheritance’
  6. Select ‘apply’ 
  7. Then select ‘okay’. 
  8. Select ‘okay’ once more.

Benefits and drawbacks of Software reporter tool Reddit:


    • It can delete useless items from Google Chrome that were introduced automatically by third-party software. 
    • It can remove viruses and unsafe programming from your computer. 


    • It uses an excessive amount of RAM.
    • It utilizes high CPU power.
    • It may delete some applications and additional items from Google Chrome which it finds unsafe though the applications are really safe.
    • It may slow down your computer gradually. 
    • It also checks your Windows drive and may report its discoveries to Google. Thus the privacy of users is questioned.

Final words:

So that was about the software reporter tool. You can find out about this tool in the first segment and afterward decide to disable it from the second segment. There are ways to forever block it from running out of sight. The tool is there for an explanation. It works as a safeguard for your computer. So if it does so, it’s better to let it remain working.

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