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How To Download Youtube Audio To iPhone? Simple Tricks

Youtube is the most popular video platform. Everyone loves to watch those cool videos on Youtube. You will find every type of video there. Now many large companies release their new tracks on Youtube. It has always been a marketplace.

If you are a regular Youtube user then I guess you must have thoughts of downloading your favorite music from Youtube at least once. But you have no options to download audio from Youtube to your iPhone.

In case you are an IOS user and want to download converted audio files from youtube then we have some great ideas for you. You have already seen that there are no built-in apps in the App Store for this exact purpose. Now let’s see how to get this job done.

Here Are Some Easy Ways On How To Download Youtube Audio To Iphone:

There are two possible ways to download converted mp3 files from youtube. In the first case, you can use your iPhone, secondly, you have to use your desktop to download youtube audio and then import it to your iPhone.

1. Download using your iPhone

Youtube Music

YT music is an official app from youtube and the only legal way to download music from youtube. Though it is the easiest way, you need to purchase a premium subscription package for using this service. But if you are looking for a free service then check out the other options described below.

Documents App

This process is tricky. Your built-in browser Safari does not allow any mp3 download. So you need a browser that can download this kind of file. Now open your app store and search for an application named documents. It is a free app that contains an important feature for you.

You have to download the Document app. Inside this app, you will see all your files. But the special thing about this app is it has a built-in browser. This browser can download audio files. Wait, that doesn’t mean you are ready to download audio files from youtube. You just got the downloader.

Now you need a file converter that can convert youtube videos into mp3 format. You can find a lot of this type of converter on the internet. They provide the service directly on the web. You will find one trustworthy video to audio converter in http://ddownr.com.

First, you have to open this URL with the built-in browser of Document. This site will ask you for the URL which contains the media you want to convert. After that, you can minimize (do not kill the app from background) the Document app and follow the steps-

Step-1: Open the youtube app on your phone.

Step-2: Open the exact video that you want to download in audio format.

Step-3: Tap into the share button under the video.

Step-4: Copy the link from here.

Step-5: Paste it into the pre-opened site in the Document app.

Step-6: Select your preferred audio format.

That’s it. They’ll convert the file for you and you can easily download the audio file from here. Now you can play your favorite audio anytime from the Documents application.

Snappea Online Downloader

Remember those steps? Yes, I am talking about the above six steps. You have to follow similar steps here. Snappea is a website that somehow manages to convert youtube videos into downloadable mp3 or mp4 format. In this case, you do not need to download any other apps.

At first, get the exact link of your chosen video from youtube, and through safari open https://www.snappea.com. Similarly, you have to drop the link of your media in their certain search bar. After that, they will ask about your preferred format and do the conversion for you.

In advance, you can directly download the file from their website. It seems like using Snappea is as easy as ABC.


Aloha is mainly a VPN browser. It is known for its private browsing support. You will easily find Aloha in your app store. Besides the browser, there is a built-in file manager and media player in it. It works like the Document app which I have included above. But in Aloha the browser is rich.

Now again input your video URL in any of the online converter sites and after converting aloha will allow you to download the audio for offline consumption.

2. Download using Desktop

Using a desktop is another good technique to download youtube audio. You can simply download the audio and import them to your phone for offline use.

In this process, you have to download the youtube video by IDM (Internet Download Manager) or you can use different websites that provide youtube video downloading support. There are a bunch of websites like https://www.snappea.com or http://yt1s.com.

These websites can convert the video into mp3. So after downloading, the files are ready to transfer into your iPhone. But if you download using IDM then you have to convert the video file into audio format and these types of converters are available online. After that use your data cable to import them into the phone.

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As an iPhone user, you already know that Apple never allows 3rd party apps on their device. In android, there are some dedicated apps for downloading youtube videos. They are rare in the play store but you can easily find them on the internet.

Apple has always been strict in terms of security. That made them unique and one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers. But every user loves to utilize their device. Asking for a youtube audio downloader is not much for us but it can directly affect youtube’s business.

If downloading youtube audio is very important for you then I will recommend YT music. But you can definitely use one of the above-mentioned methods to get your work done. Hopefully, from now you can download any youtube audio to your iPhone without facing any issues.

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