We often have situations where the phone’s battery is running low, but there is less time to charge. There doesn’t seem to be a phone user who hasn’t encountered such a situation. In such cases, everyone uses many kinds of methods to charge quickly.

The most commonly used method is low power mode, so many people have a lot of curiosity about low power mode. When you turn on low power mode to save and quickly charge the phone battery, you might be wondering if it helps your phone faster.

I will explain whether your phone’s battery charges quickly in low power mode or not and many other things, all of which will help you to charge your phone’s battery faster.

Everything about low power mode on the phone

The low power mode is one of the features of all smartphones, which reduces the effectiveness of optimizing the performance of the device and the battery. If the phone’s battery is running low warning, then turning on the low power mode will allow you to turn off all other activities of the features you need.

While in low power mode, your phone’s brightness, system animation, background running app, and many more settings are reduced. Also, more activities turn off low power mode as there are many kinds of backup specific features that always keep the battery active to reduce charge.

Low power mode will not turn off the features of the phone, it will keep important things like phone calls, messages, emails, and so on active. Low power mode also allows you to customize the app according to your needs. If you charge your phone in this low-power mode, the charge will rise much faster. So in case of emergency, you can charge the phone using low power mode, this will increase the charge of your battery in a short time.

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How to turn on low power mode on your Phone?

Normally when your phone’s battery charge drops below 20%, the phone will alert you to turn on low power mode. So if you want to turn on the power mode, there is an option to turn on the low power mode in warning, click there will auto turn on.

However, you can turn it on manually at any time according to your needs. So let’s see how to turn on low power mode manually.

⇒ Enter the settings

⇒ Scroll down or search  battery

⇒ Select and enter the battery

⇒ Again scroll down

⇒ Select low power mode

⇒ Finally, turn on it

Other ways to increase phone charging speed:

Above I have discussed in detail the most common and popular feature Low Power Mode for fast phone charging.

However, there are many more things that if you know and use, you will be able to do much more battery backup in case of emergency and charge the phone faster.

Below are some of the things that you can do to help your phone’s more battery backup in case of emergency and charge more in a short period of time.

⇒ Enable Airplane Mode

⇒ Avoid wireless charging

⇒ Use a wall socket

⇒ Use fast battery chargers

⇒ Turn off your phone

⇒ Use power bank

Each of the above can help you a lot in an emergency situation. Now I am describing them below, if you are unfamiliar with any of the above, then read well below.

Enable Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is the easiest way to get more battery backup and charge faster on the phone. When your phone is in this mode, your phone will be disconnected from all external connections including radio, Bluetooth, cellular, wifi, network, and so on. As a result, your phone will use less power, so the charge will be much faster.

Avoid wireless charging

Wireless charging is certainly a great achievement of technology, it’s very convenient. But if at any particular moment the charging speed is what you need most, then the wireless charger should not be used. Because wireless charger takes longer to charge.

Use a wall socket

It’s always best to use a wall socket to charge all phone batteries because a wall socket always gives the perfect power supply. Which is very important for the health of the phone’s battery.

When the is charged phone is charged from a computer or car using a USB port, the battery doesn’t get the perfect power supply, so it takes a long time to charge the phone and it is also harmful for battery health.

Use the fast battery charger

We all know about fast charging because now almost all smartphones are trying to add fast charging. It’s alright if you have an official fast charger with your phone, but if not then you have to get a fast-charging charger that matches your phone from the market.

Use power bank

You can use the power bank to charge the phone while you are on the move. There are many good quality power banks available in the market now which are capable of providing perfect power supply. But to get a perfect power supply from the power bank, you must ensure a good USB cable.

Power banks can store a lot of power backups, so you will benefit a lot if you buy them to match the battery power of your phone.

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As a result of advances in technology, the thing that has improved the most is mobile phones. In a very short time, mobile phones have now been transformed into smartphones. And I don’t think there’s anything to be said about the need for smartphones, because currently the use of smartphones has been added to all walks of life today.

As mentioned above, if there is a situation where the phone needs to be charged in a very short time, then charging the phone with low power mode will charge much faster. I have also explained all things about why the phone gets charged quickly when it’s in low power mode.

I also explained the other ways you can charge your phone much faster and how to save battery power in case of an emergency. So hopefully, now you can leave a sigh of relief!



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