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Why Does My Phone Keep Saying System Update? Real Reasons

If we think back to the beginning of the mobile phone, then, of course, everyone will think of the basic phone. Yes, when the mobile phone first came on the market, it was just a basic phone, which could only be used for talking. But the smartphone that we currently use, helps in almost all the tasks of our daily life.

It has been made possible through constant research and updates. Anyway, I have said many things above, now let’s come to the real thing. Every smartphone user needs to update their phone system and apps. This is a very necessary thing for every smartphone. But sometimes it may be that your phone is repeatedly asking for system updates.

In this article on answering why does the phone keep saying system update, I will explain in detail about it, especially why it happens, its good and bad aspects, how to stop it and much more. So if you want frequent system updates on your smartphone then stay with me till the end of this article, hopefully, you will get a complete solution on this issue.

Why Does My Phone Keep Saying System Update?

It’s a common thing to ask for updates on the operating system of every smartphone. You think in a very natural way, why are the phone companies constantly researching? The main reason is how to make smartphones more usable.

However, there are many other reasons, such as if there is a fault in the system of the phone, security update, feature update, such as many other things. When these are added to the phone’s system, your phone system updates to use it.

Is it important to update the phone system?

From the things I said in the steps above, I hope you understand that system update is important for all phones. However, I will talk about a few more things about the importance of system updates here.

The operating system is the core of each phone, on which all the activities of the phone depend. So when phone companies add something new to the operating system, it’s definitely necessary for all phones and users.

So if you don’t update your phone, it will not be ready to use this update feature.

As a result, some new bugs can be created on your phone, especially phone lagged sometimes, security issues, and many software running errors may occur.

Why does your phone want frequent system updates?

The most common complaint of all users about phone system updates is why does my phone want frequent system updates? No worries, I’m here. I am giving you a complete idea about this issue.

It’s also a common thing with all phones because the operating system that runs on our phones is constantly updated. These updates are important for every phone that I have explained above.

However, many times a large update is added to the operating system, then this problem occurs due to repeated updates on your phone. But it becomes much more complicated when the provider gives completely new operating system updates. Because then everything on phone’s changes anew.

Why is the operating system constantly updated?

Below I have mentioned and explained the major and important reasons for updating the phone system.

● Bug Fixes

After the development of the operating system, engineers confirmed its quality by running it on many devices. The errors that are found are fixed and officially added to the user’s phones.

Even after the developer’s test and release of the OS, but when users find any new error and complain, then the developer tries to solve that error again. When the error is resolved and uploaded to the system, then your phone wants an update to run this feature.

● New Features

There is a lot of research on smartphones all over the world now, especially with new features. The main reason why the basic phone has been transformed into a smartphone so fast is that it’s constantly researching and updating with new features.

Moreover, very naturally when we want to buy a new phone, which phone to buy depends on the phone features. So in order to survive in the market, the phone company has to constantly update new features.

● Security Patches

Currently, every smartphone company is more aware about the security of the phone systems. Because the phone has become an important part of human life. Nowadays almost all kinds of work are done through the phone, which is why hackers always try to take control of the phone and put the user in danger.

The biggest thing is that hackers are constantly changing their way.  This is why phone companies do a lot of research on the types of hackers hacking so that hackers can’t easily enter the phone system.

● Performance improvements

Good performance is the most important thing for all smartphone users. System updates are able to play a big role in the better performance of all phones. Because we have a lot of applications on the phone, which have a lot of functionality.

If there is a problem with the functionality of the operating system with these applications, they do not perform well. These issues can be understood by both apps and smartphone companies, then they fix these bugs and update the system.

But to get these new features on your phone, you must update both the phone system and apps. However, after giving the update, the performance of your phone will increase a lot. But if you don’t give the update, you will get new bugs while using the phone.

How to turn off the system update?

Above I have given a lot of details about the system update of the phone. But if you want to turn off your phone update, you can. Below I show you step by step how to turn off your system update.

Step 1: First, go to phone settings

Step 2: Scroll down and click on about

Step 3:Here you can see the build number option

Step 4:Click on it 5-6 times

Step 5:Now come back to the settings

Step 6:Go to system update

Step 7:Click on the developer from here

Step 7:Now you will get the desired auto-update option

Step 9:Now select off by clicking “Auto Update”

Step 10:Finally restart the phone

Final Words

Operating System updates and application updates both are necessary and important for all smartphones. Phone system updates will fix your phone’s bugs, the perfect environment for applications, security, add new features, and much more.

But sometimes it can annoy top users. In that case, there is a process to keep it off which I have shown step by step above. However, I would recommend don’t always keep it off, turn it on at your own time and give updates.

Above I have described all the issues related to smartphone system updates, especially why do phones need frequent system updates? I have explained this problem in detail and also shown the way to get rid of this problem. So I hope you have read the above article well and have benefited.

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