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Different Solutions On How To Fix Bad System Config Info Windows 10

If you are facing a blue screen uniquely, it means your like windows has an error. You better find out the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

How To Fix Bad System Config Info Windows 10

The bad system in like manner config info is a standard like a wise error that is the reason behind Death’s blue screen. The blue screen might be the sign of a crash to the window as well.

There is nothing to worry about as it can be fixed by following the first place simple instructions.

What Do You Know About Bad System Config Info Windows 10

It is a stop code that comes with an error of windows 10 blue screen (bad_ system _ config _ info). It is only the flaws in the configuration that coupled with needs to figure out.

Reasons: Several reasons can cause bad system config info error:

    • Hard disk
    • Drivers
    • Damaged files
    • Wrong setting of the system.

How To Fix the bad_system_config_info Error

Try to fix the problems as soon as possible by applying the following methods similarly.

1. Updating Your Drivers

Expire drivers may cause the reason for several and problems. Therefore, you need to check and update the drivers, in the same way, all the time as matter of fact.

If you have any issue with your hardware, then you might get an error identically.

To check whether the drivers are updated or not:

      • Select my computer and open it.
      • Then navigate drivers, all the list of the drivers will open.
      • Click on the option update all.

Either you can do it manually by clicking on the single driver additionally.

You can get free from this hassle by downloading and the software Driver Fix correspondingly. It will automatically update all the drivers and instead fix any of the issues as well.

2. BCD Edit Command Prompt

One of the methods to fix the bad system config info error is to use the command prompt.

    • After the booting process and restart the computer. Bad System Config Info Windows 10.
    • The window will open; press on the option of automatic repair.
    • Click on the option troubleshoot, then press advance options and open up the command prompt option.
    • You can now enter the command.
    • bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc.
    • bcdedit/deletevalue {default) truncate memory.
    • Exit the command prompt and start the computer again.

BCD File

You need an installation disk to again reboot your PC on how to fix bad system config info.

    • Firstly, click on the option to next and then press Repair your computer.
    • Again follow the same steps to own the option for Command Prompt.
    • Write the following command with the enter key.
    • bootrec/repaired
    • bootrec/loss can
    • bootrec/repairmbr
    • Caution: the last command will delete MBR files, so be prepared.
    • Exit the command prompt process and restart the PC.

3. Windows Registry

You need an installation disk or USB Drive to reboot your computer.

    • Navigate troubleshoot, then advanced options, and press on command prompt.
    • To run the command, write it with the enter key.
    • CD C: windows/system32/config
    • Ren C: windows/ system32/ config/ default.old
    • Ren C: windows/ system32/ config/ security
    • Rename the files again and type the command with entering.
    • Copy C: windows/ system32/ config/ reg/ back/ default.
    • C: windowssytem32config
    • Copy C: windows/ system32/ config/ reg/ back/ SAM.
    • C: windowssystem32config
    • Copy C: windows/ system32/ config/ reg/ back/ security.
    • C: windowssystem32config.
    • The registry backup is copied now, and the old files are replaced.
    • Exit the command prompt procedure and restart your PC.

4. System Restore And Windows 10 Reset

After restarting your computer, the automatic repair starts to proceed.

    • Open up the troubleshoot, then advance option, and finally click on system restore.
    • Enter your username and passwords according to the given instructions.
    • Press the file you want to restore and then click Next.
    • Wait for a while to finish the process of system restoration.

How To Reset Windows 10?

    • Further, you restart the PC to complete the process of booting.
    • Then the automatic repair process gets started.
    • Click on troubleshoot and select reset this PC.
    • Click on remove everything, then select the drive where also windows are installed.
    • Navigate to remove my files.
    • Enter the reset option and wait for the procedure to finish.
    • Now you can reinstall the windows.


It is considered that many errors occur due to the fault in RAM. The bad _ system _ config _ info error and on the screen.

You must check your hardware and do a detailed view of it.

You can either replace the hardware to fix the error.

You can also use the above registry method.

If you are tired of the errors, try the above methods to solve the Bad System Config Windows 10 update 2021 comparatively.

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