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Quick Solves To Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working In 2021

To solve a Toshiba laptop keyboard not working issue

  • Check if your keyboard is enabled or not.
  • Check if your keyboard driver is up to date or not.
  • Disable the filter keys of your keyboard.

Toshiba is a renowned brand in the electronics market. They used to dominate the PC market. Toshiba has a great lineup for laptops. But their laptop lineup faces some ceratin problems. One such problem is the keyboard not working.

So, if you are facing this problem, then good news for you. Because in this article we are providing some quick solves to this issue. So, stay tuned.

5 Simple Quick SolvesTo Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working

For different Toshiba Laptop models, the solution can be different. Because every laptop has different hardware and drivers. But the below 5 solutions will work for most of them.

laptop Keyboard Not Working

1. Enable Your Keyboard 

Only enabling/reenabling the keyboard solves this issue in most cases.

Every windows laptop has an option for disabling the keyboard. So, it’s really common for laptop users to disable it by mistake. Moreover, there are many cases where Toshiba laptop keyboards disable automatically. So, this can be a system bug or any other system issue.

    • To enable your keyboard again.
    • Go to the search box and search for the control panel
    • Open the control panel and set the view by to a Large/small icon.
    • After that, go to the device manager.
    • Look for the keyboard.
    • Double click on it.
    • You will find this.
    • Click enable device.
    • Now check if your keyboard is working or not.

2. Check Your Drivers

An out of date or corrupted Keyboard driver can be another reason behind this problem.

Most hardware components of a laptop or personal computer is managed by drivers. Drivers are the go-between tools/programs to connect hardware and software. So, These drivers need to be kept updated. Updating them manually can be a problem. Here are 5 automatic driver update software.

Moreover, a faulty or corrupted driver can cause serious issues like this. To check if your Toshiba laptop drivers are up to date or not.

Check your Keyboard drivers with any of this software, 5 automatic driver update software.

    • If they are up to date, then the drivers can be faulty. To solve a corrupted driver, you need to uninstall the driver
    • Follow the above instructions from point 1 and go to the Device Manager.
    • Click on the keyboard.
    • Two drivers will be shown.   Right-click on them, and you will find a window like this.
    • Click on the uninstall driver for both of them.

After following the above instructions, restart your Laptop, and your problem should be solved.

3. Disable Filter Keys 

 Conflicting filter keys can be another reason behind the keyboard not working issue.

Many Toshiba laptop users reported that a bug in the filter keys cause the keyboard not working issue and disabling filter keys can solve this issue.

    • To disable filter keys.
    • Go to your Windows Settings.
    • Click on the Ease Of Access.
    • Find and click on the keyboard.
    • Look for the filter key.
    • Click on it to disable the filter key.

4. Check Your Laptop Battery

 This point might seem irrelevant, but a faulty battery can also cause this problem.

Laptop batteries are generally placed beside the keyboard or between the keyboard and motherboard. Some users reported that the laptop keyboard not working problem was solved when the battery was removed. So, this can happen in your case too. To check if your battery is causing the problem or not.

    • Turn your laptop off.
    • Remove the back panel of your laptop using a screwdriver.
    • Check if your battery is removable or not.
    • If your battery is removable, then carefully find the ribbon connector of your battery.
    • After that, remove the ribbon very carefully.
    • Remove your battery from your laptop.
    • Connect your laptop to its charger.
    • Turn it on using direct power.
    • Check if your keyboard is working or not.

If your laptop keyboard starts working, then the problem is with your battery. Changing the battery will solve this issue. However, replace the battery from your laptop’s original manufacturer. Because third party batteries are not reliable.

5. Check The Keyboard Ribbon 

This step should only be taken by an expert. If you are not an expert, do not try this.

Sometimes the laptop ribbon cable gets losen by physical damage or drop. Many users experienced this. So, this can be another reason behind your laptop keyboard not working.

So, open the back part of your laptop. Remove the battery and check your keyboard ribbon. If possible, remove it and then reconnect it. After that, turn your laptop on and see if the keyboard is working or not.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • If your Toshiba laptop is still under warranty, then do not perform the last two steps. Instead, take it to the service center.
  • Battery ribbons are really sensitive, so be very careful.
  • If you are not confident enough, then do not try the last two steps.

These are some of the most effective ways to solve the Toshiba laptop keyboard not working. If none of the above fixes work for you, then consult with a technician as soon as possible.

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