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How To Speed Up Toshiba Laptop In 2021

To speed up a Toshiba laptop, you need to

    • Get rid of all the unwanted programs.
    • Scan for virus and Spyware.
    • Upgrade your hardware.

Toshiba makes some great value for money laptop. But like any other laptop, Toshiba laptops get slow with time, and no one likes a slow device.

So, if you are facing this particular issue with your Toshiba laptop, then this article is for you. Because in this article we will be providing you 4 simple yet effective fixes to this problem. So, Stay tuned.

4 Effective Fixes For Speeding Up Toshiba Laptop 

Different Toshiba laptops might have different configurations. But the reason behind Toshiba laptops getting slow is almost the same. Here are some fixes to them

1. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

One of the main reasons behind a Toshiba laptop slowing down is too many programs.

No matter how clean you keep your laptop, there will always be apps you do not use. But these apps do not stop consuming your RAM and processing power. Moreover, apps consume your valuable storage too. That makes your laptop even slower.

So, to make your Toshiba laptop fast, you must uninstall unwanted apps. To uninstall

    • Open Windows Settings.
    • Click on Apps.
    • You will find an array of programs installed on your device.
    • Select the apps you don’t need.
    • Click on any unwanted App.
    • After that, select uninstall.

 Uninstall all the unwanted apps by following these instructions. After that, your RAM, CPU consumption will decrease, and storage will increase. Therefore, your Toshiba laptop will be faster.

2. Scan For Spyware and Malware

Spyware and malware consume too much processing power, which makes a laptop slow.

Spyware and malware can be a real threat. They are not only a threat to your privacy and security. This malicious software can make your laptop slow too. Most modern laptops get affected by them. Moreover, many Toshiba laptop users reported that they got spyware pre-loaded to their laptops.

So, checking your laptop for viruses and spyware would be a good idea. There are many antivirus software available on the market. All the paid antiviruses work fine. I always suggest using a paid one. Because spending a few bucks on your digital security will bring more good than harm.

3. Upgrade Your Hardware 

Upgrading hardware always makes a laptop faster.

The Tech industry changes every day. Every software gets a new update every now or then. With every new update, that software needs more RAM or storage. So to keep up with this ever-growing tech industry, you have to upgrade your system.

Upgrading a system does not mean that you need to change every component. Sometimes simple upgrades make a big change. Simple upgrades like adding extra RAM or adding an SSD can make your Toshiba laptop faster than usual.

Most Toshiba laptops come with an upgradable feature. So, you can always add RAM and use an SSD as storage. Keep in mind that you have to add the same amount of new RAM stick. Otherwise, you will face a bottleneck issue.

4. Defragment The Disk 

If you have a windows Toshiba laptop, then you can try this to make your device faster.

Microsoft has this smart feature called defragmentation. By using this feature, you can optimize your hard drive and make it faster. To defragment your hard drive.

    • Search for Defragmentation/Optimize Drives.
    • You will be redirected to a window like this.
    • Select a driver and click optimize.
    • Repeat this for every driver.

By following the above instructions, you can defragment your driver and make your Toshiba laptop storage work faster.

This is how you can make your Toshiba laptop work faster. All of these tactics are proven. But if you face problems even after following them, then consult with an expert.

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